Saturday, 18 February 2017

How Important Is Your Web Page Content?

Hi All,

Well? How important do you think your web page content is?

If you're in business and you're hoping to make sales or generate leads from your website then it's the most important thing there is. Your web page content IS your business. It's the information you want to share with your prospective customers... it's the copy that you want to link back to from emails, articles and your social media ads.

Your web page content is SO important, the whole future of your business depends on it!

Why then do some Internet marketers and online business owners look for the cheapest copywriter they can find and accept poorly written copy for their flagship websites?

Beats me!

Yet I see it all the time....

Bad grammar, glaring tpyos and badly written presentations. And very often these are the people who complain that they can't make any money from the Internet... well what do they expect?

Look... if you went into a shop to buy... say a new computer, and all around, there were blatant spelling errors on the promotional signs and the salesperson was continually badgering you to buy something but had no idea about the products you wanted... would you buy something?  

Here's what the sales assistant might say, "Hiya matey, you wanna buy a new computer in it? We've got loads of them bro and they're all really cheap mate. Yeah, they'll do anything you want them to do, no worries. I'll even give ya some 10% discount for cash in it"

It's not very professional is it?

People... that is your prospective customers are very wary about buying anything online these days, so unless you're a well-known trusted brand you've really got to convince them that you know what you're talking about, will offer them great products or services, money-back-guarantees, and will not try to rip them off.

Unlike the salesperson in the shop, you're not dealing with your customers face to face so your web copy had better be exceptional in every way.

INVEST in your web content... get the best... the most compelling... the most interesting... the most informative copy you can get written by a a trusted reputable copywriter. It will pay HUGE dividends in the end.

All for now,

Monday, 16 January 2017

Starting Out In Business?

Hi All,

You know, starting out in a new business can be an exciting time but if you haven't planned your new business venture properly or given the whole process of running your business some very serious thought then you could end up very disappointed. 

Every January, many thousands of wannabe business people decide it's time they struck out on their own, which I think is a great idea. However, going it alone can be a traumatic affair with pitfalls and minefields at every turn. 

So, as much as I would encourage these budding entrepreneurs to have a go, I would also like to remind them of a few important aspects worthy of some consideration. Let's start with product or service...

Whatever you want to sell, get a website. Learn to market your business online and offline. If you are planning on selling a digital product then you will need to direct more energy and resources to promoting online.

Generate customers!

You'll need plenty of paying customers and plenty of prospective customers, who you can convert to paying customers. Without customers you don't have a business... simple.

Don't waste money buying emails lists. I know it may seem like a quick way to get started but it will cost you megabucks and the return will be abysmal. The only sure way to get a list of valuable customers is to build your own.

You may think you can get a head start by doing Joint Ventures, but if you're just starting out that may not be a viable option as very few marketers will be willing to work with a newbie.

So, build your own list by creating a website with an opt-in form. This is simply a form for prospects to enter their names and emails. But why should someone just give away this important information for free? Simple answer is they won't... you'll have to bribe them.

You'll need to offer them something for free. A downloadable ebook is generally the best option here, which should in some way be related to the product or service you are offering. 

Ensure the free ebook contains valuable information. It must be something your prospects will really want or need.

This free offer and email capture form will be on your squeeze page or landing page. Next you will need a sales page, which will hopefully convert your prospects into buying customers. You will also need a series of follow-up emails to try and convert those who took your free offer but didn't buy your product.

For all this writing work you will need a professional copywriter. You'll find one of the very best right here: TopCopywriter

Yes, it's me :)

You'll need to start marketing and driving traffic to your website and you'll need to do this every day... or automate the process.

Look at both free and paid forms of lead generation. Paid forms, such as PPC and Facebook Ads will bring instant traffic, whereas free will bring a slow but steady stream of traffic. For free traffic try video marketing.

I know there's an initial cost in having the video created and uploaded to Youtube but after that all the traffic you get will be free. We have created videos that are now over 7 years old and still generating free traffic!

Check out BusyVids

Yes, that's my business too :)

And what is one of the best ways to promote your business? Well, you've just been reading it. It's called a blog. Start one and get writing about your business exploits, your offers and anything else related to your business. It's free!

Also, start a Facebook page for your business... it's free!

Need help or advice?

Just contact me and I'll help all I can... it's free!

Look out 2017, here we come...

All for now.


Sunday, 27 November 2016

Does Video Content In Emails Work?

Hi All,

Email marketing is notoriously difficult, especially if you plan to send out emails to a cold list. Cold prospecting is neither welcomed or encouraged but you have to get your offer in front of customers some how don't you? Of course, it's always best to build your own list but that takes time so what can you do?

First, remember your email will never get opened or even seen if you don't get your subject line right. Spam filters are full of unopened emails simply because of this reason alone. So, the subject line has to both get past the filter and then be compelling enough to warrant the recipient's attention. Now, assuming the recipient has clicked on the subject line, the body copy has to hit them within a second or two with an offer so outstanding they have to read the rest of the message... right?

But what if it just had a link to a video? The video could do the pitching rather than your words, which the lazy recipient would have to read. Videos in emails is only just catching on but many of the companies that have adopted this method rely on html emails, with the video running as soon as the email is opened. This is great if every email account shows images and videos but they don't, and a video that runs the minute you open your email is irritating to say the least.

The answer is a plain old text email with a link to your video but not any old link. A youtube link will sometime work but better still is a text link that makes the recipient want to click on it. For example, a link that looks like this: Would Your Mother Hate This? or Does This Guy Have Everything You Want? or something similar. A question is always a good way to get a link clicked on because a question needs an answer.

Once the linked has been clicked, your marketing or promotional video takes over and sells the product or service for you. Just make sure the video is actually worth watching. Quality counts! No longer than a minute should do the trick and it should include plenty of imagery and a clear professional voiceover. Video marketing is BIG and video links in emails will be the next BIG step towards making more sales and getting more customers.

Nobody has perfected the video in email formula yet... but we're all working on it.

Email marketing isn't dead, it's just evolving.

All for now.

*** Need help with your online marketing? Contact me.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Building Your Brand With Video

Hi All,

We've just finished working on our new website at and it's now live. This is a different website from the version and it's targeting bigger businesses and corporate companies. It's really just another branch in the continuing growth of the BusyVids brand. And that's what I'd like to talk to you about today... branding.

More specifically using video for branding. 

To build brand awareness you need to have lots of exposure for your business. I mean your business has just got to be everywhere. You have to become a household name or at least synonymous with your products or services and an expert in your field. You have to build trust, you need loyalty from your customers and you obviously want them to buy your products... often.

Big brand names like Coca-Cola, Nike and Google absolutely dominate their markets. Their logos are instantly recognisable and their marketing messages are welcomed. Branding is important if you want to dominate your market but it takes quite a bit of work to get to the top and even more trying staying there. However, I think of getting to the "top" as more like teetering on top of a very thin spire. Take your eye off the market and you can very easily fall off.

Big names fall hard and it only takes a little scandal or a dodgy product to turn devoted and loyal customers into arch enemies baying for blood... or justice... or compensation.

So is it really worth all the time and effort trying to build a brand? Of course it is... it's just business at the end of the day.

There are several ways in which you can build your brand and video is just one of them but in my humble opinion it's one of the most effective both in terms of cost and investment. ROI is measurable over long periods because the life expectancy of a video is hundreds of times longer than that of a text ad or a banner ad. However, the most interesting aspect of all, with video marketing, is something that no other form of marketing has the power to do...


People share videos on their smart phones and on social media every single day, irrespective of whether it's an advertisement or not. This just goes to prove that people love video. And if people love video then why are you not getting yours out there where people will share them, spreading the word... for free.

Now let's look at why people share videos...

It's because they're funny, crazy, ridiculous, furry, baby, insane, unusual, spooky, loving, caring, human, sympathetic, revealing, newsworthy, cutting edge, musical, inspiring... I could go on and on but do you see... it's really not too difficult to have a video that fits snugly into one of these, well... reasons why people share.

The video content simply has to reach out and touch people. It has to engage them, motivate them, hit the emotional button and hey presto!... it will be on its way around the Internet. Keep doing this and you will surely build your brand very quickly. For the most part, you can forget about the old ways of getting your business message out there. 

Make your business product or service seem like fun and deliver your message in a sensitive way that triggers emotional feelings and the credit cards will be out before you know it.

Busyvids can help you... Visit our new website here:

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Scoring Goals With Cracking Headers

Hi All,

No... I'm not about to write a blog about football but the end result is very similar. It's about achieving your goals in business. I interpret this to mean hitting sales targets and the only way you can do this is to... well make more sales. Whatever you are trying to sell online you need to first attract your prospects attention... "Hey over here! I've got something you might be interested in! Yes that kind of thing.

So how do you do that?

You need a great headline. And the same rule applies to web pages, printed sales letters, email subject lines and video titles. It's the first line of text anyone might read regardless of what type of advertising or marketing method is being deployed. Take a sales letter for example...

So you receive a letter in the post and you open it. It's a letter from someone who wants to sell you something... that will quickly become obvious as the order form and replied paid envelope slip out onto the floor. You unfold it and  there it is... "If You Don't Do This Today, You Could Be Destitute In Your Old Age" It's a scary headline, and so you need to know what it is you must do.

If you get this far then the headline has done its job. It's then down to the rest of the copy to make the case.

Here's another example...

You're searching around Google looking for a cheap hotel. After checking out a few you come across a website landing page with the headline, "When One Of Our Guests Stayed In A Cheaper Hotel He Got Bitten By Bed Bugs". Oh No! I don't want to get bitten by bed bugs on my hard-earned short break just for the sake of saving twenty quid. If the headline made you sit up and take notice it has done its job.

With Video it's the title that makes all the difference and it's twice as important because a video title not only helps searchers find the video but it should also contain several keywords so that it gets a high ranking on Youtube. The advantage with video is it can attract attention with both the title and the thumbnail image. Instagram has an edge here too.

With emails it's the subject line that needs to do the job. If you can write an interesting or intriguing subject line, chances are the email will get opened. Get it wrong and it's destined for the spam filter or junk folder.

Work on your headers!

All for now,


Friday, 30 September 2016

When is it time to pull the plug on a client?

Hi All,

I know you shouldn't really do this as it can sometimes backfire and affect your credibility and professionalism but... there are times when you have to say enough is enough. I'm talking about awkward clients and "dumb ass" assignments. 

Sometimes, no matter how much you bend over backwards to get everything as you think the client wants it, it's still not enough, and so you have to decide whether to carry on and put up with all the bulls*it or pull out altogether.

Just recently I was asked by a new client to write some copy for a brochure. The client gave me some basic information to work with, which had been lifted from the Internet. It was quite a technical subject based on analysis and awareness prior to the commencement of a major construction project. Basically, it was enmeshed in all that risk assessment stuff. It took me around 3 hours to get the draft completed and then I sent It over to the client.

A couple of days later, after sending several emails asking if all was okay, I get a reply saying it was not at all what he expected. He said he wanted something more sales oriented. Well, the subject does not really lend itself well to being the centre of a sales pitch, so from the start I assumed it was going to be an information piece.

This particular client was not one of my favourite types in any case. He haggled over the pricing of my work, decided to take a holiday (vacation) halfway through the first assignment, which was most inconvenient, and his English is not what you would call fluent. Needless to say it looked like I wasn't going to receive any recompense for all my efforts and so all things considered... I fired him.

You've just just to instinctively know when someone is messing you about or "jerking you around", as some of my US clients might say. So I cut my losses and moved on. Within an hour I got call from a potential client enquiring about whether I would be interested in writing up all the copy for his new website... which amounted to some 34 pages of content. I sent him a quote and before the end of the day we had agreed a deal.

In contrast then, this new client, who promptly sent me a 50% deposit, was more than willing to spend good money with me on quality content. He didn't haggle... he didn't question my abilities... and he agreed to my prices without hesitation. He also speaks perfect English and understands the language of sales and marketing. Now that's the kind of client I will always work with.

A silver lining perhaps?

If you're looking for top quality copy or a compelling video to help promote your products and services... get in touch.

All for now,


Monday, 29 August 2016

How To Make Email Marketing Work For You

Hi Everyone,

One of the advantages of being a professional copywriter, is my work is always so varied. One day I could be writing a sales letter, the next a video voiceover script and the next day a marketing email. It's this latter task that I'm going to help you with today. Now when I say "help you" I really mean I'm going to help you because so many people struggle with this, as my spam filterand yours will testify.

Email marketing is a great way to get your marketing message out to your prospects... isn't it? Well yes and no... Yes because it's fast and free, and no because if you don't do it right it can have an adverse affect on your business and you as an individual, or sender.

We all receive emails every day, some are welcome and some are not. Those that will receive our attention will generally have some relevance with things that we are interested in. It could be a new business system, formula or some great business advice. It could be a new way to make easy money online or it could be about a new software program that could save us time or money.

Warm Up Your Cold List

Whatever... it has to have... no MUST have some relevance to either our business or personal interests. Otherwise it is just junk mail. Now, that's your first lesson. Decide whether the product or service that you want to promote by email will be considered as junk.

I should mention at this point, that when sending out emails you are either sending to a "warm" list, which is a list of people that either know you or have had some business dealings with you in the past. Or a "cold" list, in which the recipient doesn't know you from Adam. It's this cold list that I'm concerned about here. 

You can generally relax when sending to a warm list because most of the recipients will open and read the email. I have already dealt with sending email to your own list in an earlier blog so if you missed it then check out, The Money Is In the List.

It's cold prospecting that scuppers most people's marketing campaigns so I want to concentrate on that right now.

Okay, first make sure you have a list of recipient email addresses that are going to be relevant to what you want to promote. If you think you can just blast out millions of emails to everyone regardless, then you can expect absolutely nothing in return or at best some abusive replies.

 Cold Email Recipients Are People Too!

Next, don't try to sell anything to anyone in a cold email. Any chance of getting that prospect interested will be lost forever if you try to sell to them. Instead, simply introduce yourself or your company and explain what you do or what you are involved with. Then ask them if they might be interested and if they are, then to contact you for more information or visit your website.

Don't be pushy! 

You might want to offer them something for free like a free trial or a free sample but don't assume they will want it just because it's free.

I have gained many new clients with email marketing, or prospecting as the case may be, simply because I was courteous and polite, offered them a free consultation or a free article. It costs nothing to be polite and always remember this... your email, if it gets opened will be opened and read by a real person. That's of paramount importance.

People are sensitive creatures and have feelings so treat them with respect. 

Now because email recipients are real people, a fact that many email marketers sometimes forget, remember that everyone is busy and time is a valuable resource. So you'll have to get your polite introduction over in a positive way but don't beat about the bush. I think 300-350 words is generally long enough for this type of email.

Getting Your Email Opened

So you've written a polite and friendly introductory email... what next?

The subject line... This is the most important aspect of any marketing email and is especially important if sending to a cold list. If you don't get this part right then the email might not get opened and read, which means you have completely wasted your time and efforts.

Remember, email recipients are people and people are curious creatures. People can get drawn in to mystery and intrigue so think along those lines. For example, I was recently asked to write an introductory email for a heating and plumbing company, who wanted to send out cold emails to North London Estate Agents. 

They wanted to introduce themselves and offer the Estate Agents a commission for every client they sent their way. Here's the subject line I wrote for them:

Confessions of a London Estate Agent

And here are the first 2 sections to give you an idea about how to follow on from the subject line and gently introduce yourself...


“You can never find a reliable plumber when you want one”

Yes, the above statement is often true especially for many households in the UK but because you manage an estate agency, finding a qualified and reliable plumber for your clients could be very simple.

We are domestic and commercial heating and plumbing specialists and we service all Central and North London areas, which means we cover the very same areas that you do.

There will undoubtedly be times when you or your house buying and selling clients will need plumbing or heating services and we are prepared to offer them a priority service, on your behalf. 

Reasons to partner with us…

Partner with us and we will ensure your clients receive the very best service possible, in terms of response times and emergency repairs and servicing.

You already arrange surveying and legal services on behalf of your clients so why not get ahead of your competition by making your clients aware of our essential services? 

We would be more than happy to discuss terms with you, regarding you recommending our company as a preferential services provider, and we’re sure we could come to a mutually beneficial agreement between us.  

We offer everything your customers need…

Our engineers are fully trained, qualified and Gas Safe registered. We can offer...

Can you see how the email leads the reader to the reason for contacting them?

Email marketing is a great way to generate leads if you do it right. If you'd like me to help you with your next email campaign, then just contact me here:

That's all for now guys. 

See ya soon,