Monday, 16 January 2017

Starting Out In Business?

Hi All,

You know, starting out in a new business can be an exciting time but if you haven't planned your new business venture properly or given the whole process of running your business some very serious thought then you could end up very disappointed. 

Every January, many thousands of wannabe business people decide it's time they struck out on their own, which I think is a great idea. However, going it alone can be a traumatic affair with pitfalls and minefields at every turn. 

So, as much as I would encourage these budding entrepreneurs to have a go, I would also like to remind them of a few important aspects worthy of some consideration. Let's start with product or service...

Whatever you want to sell, get a website. Learn to market your business online and offline. If you are planning on selling a digital product then you will need to direct more energy and resources to promoting online.

Generate customers!

You'll need plenty of paying customers and plenty of prospective customers, who you can convert to paying customers. Without customers you don't have a business... simple.

Don't waste money buying emails lists. I know it may seem like a quick way to get started but it will cost you megabucks and the return will be abysmal. The only sure way to get a list of valuable customers is to build your own.

You may think you can get a head start by doing Joint Ventures, but if you're just starting out that may not be a viable option as very few marketers will be willing to work with a newbie.

So, build your own list by creating a website with an opt-in form. This is simply a form for prospects to enter their names and emails. But why should someone just give away this important information for free? Simple answer is they won't... you'll have to bribe them.

You'll need to offer them something for free. A downloadable ebook is generally the best option here, which should in some way be related to the product or service you are offering. 

Ensure the free ebook contains valuable information. It must be something your prospects will really want or need.

This free offer and email capture form will be on your squeeze page or landing page. Next you will need a sales page, which will hopefully convert your prospects into buying customers. You will also need a series of follow-up emails to try and convert those who took your free offer but didn't buy your product.

For all this writing work you will need a professional copywriter. You'll find one of the very best right here: TopCopywriter

Yes, it's me :)

You'll need to start marketing and driving traffic to your website and you'll need to do this every day... or automate the process.

Look at both free and paid forms of lead generation. Paid forms, such as PPC and Facebook Ads will bring instant traffic, whereas free will bring a slow but steady stream of traffic. For free traffic try video marketing.

I know there's an initial cost in having the video created and uploaded to Youtube but after that all the traffic you get will be free. We have created videos that are now over 7 years old and still generating free traffic!

Check out BusyVids

Yes, that's my business too :)

And what is one of the best ways to promote your business? Well, you've just been reading it. It's called a blog. Start one and get writing about your business exploits, your offers and anything else related to your business. It's free!

Also, start a Facebook page for your business... it's free!

Need help or advice?

Just contact me and I'll help all I can... it's free!

Look out 2017, here we come...

All for now.


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