Saturday, 22 October 2016

Scoring Goals With Cracking Headers

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No... I'm not about to write a blog about football but the end result is very similar. It's about achieving your goals in business. I interpret this to mean hitting sales targets and the only way you can do this is to... well make more sales. Whatever you are trying to sell online you need to first attract your prospects attention... "Hey over here! I've got something you might be interested in! Yes that kind of thing.

So how do you do that?

You need a great headline. And the same rule applies to web pages, printed sales letters, email subject lines and video titles. It's the first line of text anyone might read regardless of what type of advertising or marketing method is being deployed. Take a sales letter for example...

So you receive a letter in the post and you open it. It's a letter from someone who wants to sell you something... that will quickly become obvious as the order form and replied paid envelope slip out onto the floor. You unfold it and  there it is... "If You Don't Do This Today, You Could Be Destitute In Your Old Age" It's a scary headline, and so you need to know what it is you must do.

If you get this far then the headline has done its job. It's then down to the rest of the copy to make the case.

Here's another example...

You're searching around Google looking for a cheap hotel. After checking out a few you come across a website landing page with the headline, "When One Of Our Guests Stayed In A Cheaper Hotel He Got Bitten By Bed Bugs". Oh No! I don't want to get bitten by bed bugs on my hard-earned short break just for the sake of saving twenty quid. If the headline made you sit up and take notice it has done its job.

With Video it's the title that makes all the difference and it's twice as important because a video title not only helps searchers find the video but it should also contain several keywords so that it gets a high ranking on Youtube. The advantage with video is it can attract attention with both the title and the thumbnail image. Instagram has an edge here too.

With emails it's the subject line that needs to do the job. If you can write an interesting or intriguing subject line, chances are the email will get opened. Get it wrong and it's destined for the spam filter or junk folder.

Work on your headers!

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