Sunday, 27 November 2016

Does Video Content In Emails Work?

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Email marketing is notoriously difficult, especially if you plan to send out emails to a cold list. Cold prospecting is neither welcomed or encouraged but you have to get your offer in front of customers some how don't you? Of course, it's always best to build your own list but that takes time so what can you do?

First, remember your email will never get opened or even seen if you don't get your subject line right. Spam filters are full of unopened emails simply because of this reason alone. So, the subject line has to both get past the filter and then be compelling enough to warrant the recipient's attention. Now, assuming the recipient has clicked on the subject line, the body copy has to hit them within a second or two with an offer so outstanding they have to read the rest of the message... right?

But what if it just had a link to a video? The video could do the pitching rather than your words, which the lazy recipient would have to read. Videos in emails is only just catching on but many of the companies that have adopted this method rely on html emails, with the video running as soon as the email is opened. This is great if every email account shows images and videos but they don't, and a video that runs the minute you open your email is irritating to say the least.

The answer is a plain old text email with a link to your video but not any old link. A youtube link will sometime work but better still is a text link that makes the recipient want to click on it. For example, a link that looks like this: Would Your Mother Hate This? or Does This Guy Have Everything You Want? or something similar. A question is always a good way to get a link clicked on because a question needs an answer.

Once the linked has been clicked, your marketing or promotional video takes over and sells the product or service for you. Just make sure the video is actually worth watching. Quality counts! No longer than a minute should do the trick and it should include plenty of imagery and a clear professional voiceover. Video marketing is BIG and video links in emails will be the next BIG step towards making more sales and getting more customers.

Nobody has perfected the video in email formula yet... but we're all working on it.

Email marketing isn't dead, it's just evolving.

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  1. I have no experience with videos in emails, but cold emails are my objects of study, as I'm working in sales from one year. If you want to know more, try these examples of cold emails. I found them highly effective.