Saturday, 18 February 2017

How Important Is Your Web Page Content?

Hi All,

Well? How important do you think your web page content is?

If you're in business and you're hoping to make sales or generate leads from your website then it's the most important thing there is. Your web page content IS your business. It's the information you want to share with your prospective customers... it's the copy that you want to link back to from emails, articles and your social media ads.

Your web page content is SO important, the whole future of your business depends on it!

Why then do some Internet marketers and online business owners look for the cheapest copywriter they can find and accept poorly written copy for their flagship websites?

Beats me!

Yet I see it all the time....

Bad grammar, glaring tpyos and badly written presentations. And very often these are the people who complain that they can't make any money from the Internet... well what do they expect?

Look... if you went into a shop to buy... say a new computer, and all around, there were blatant spelling errors on the promotional signs and the salesperson was continually badgering you to buy something but had no idea about the products you wanted... would you buy something?  

Here's what the sales assistant might say, "Hiya matey, you wanna buy a new computer in it? We've got loads of them bro and they're all really cheap mate. Yeah, they'll do anything you want them to do, no worries. I'll even give ya some 10% discount for cash in it"

It's not very professional is it?

People... that is your prospective customers are very wary about buying anything online these days, so unless you're a well-known trusted brand you've really got to convince them that you know what you're talking about, will offer them great products or services, money-back-guarantees, and will not try to rip them off.

Unlike the salesperson in the shop, you're not dealing with your customers face to face so your web copy had better be exceptional in every way.

INVEST in your web content... get the best... the most compelling... the most interesting... the most informative copy you can get written by a a trusted reputable copywriter. It will pay HUGE dividends in the end.

All for now,