Sunday, 27 November 2016

Does Video Content In Emails Work?

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Email marketing is notoriously difficult, especially if you plan to send out emails to a cold list. Cold prospecting is neither welcomed or encouraged but you have to get your offer in front of customers some how don't you? Of course, it's always best to build your own list but that takes time so what can you do?

First, remember your email will never get opened or even seen if you don't get your subject line right. Spam filters are full of unopened emails simply because of this reason alone. So, the subject line has to both get past the filter and then be compelling enough to warrant the recipient's attention. Now, assuming the recipient has clicked on the subject line, the body copy has to hit them within a second or two with an offer so outstanding they have to read the rest of the message... right?

But what if it just had a link to a video? The video could do the pitching rather than your words, which the lazy recipient would have to read. Videos in emails is only just catching on but many of the companies that have adopted this method rely on html emails, with the video running as soon as the email is opened. This is great if every email account shows images and videos but they don't, and a video that runs the minute you open your email is irritating to say the least.

The answer is a plain old text email with a link to your video but not any old link. A youtube link will sometime work but better still is a text link that makes the recipient want to click on it. For example, a link that looks like this: Would Your Mother Hate This? or Does This Guy Have Everything You Want? or something similar. A question is always a good way to get a link clicked on because a question needs an answer.

Once the linked has been clicked, your marketing or promotional video takes over and sells the product or service for you. Just make sure the video is actually worth watching. Quality counts! No longer than a minute should do the trick and it should include plenty of imagery and a clear professional voiceover. Video marketing is BIG and video links in emails will be the next BIG step towards making more sales and getting more customers.

Nobody has perfected the video in email formula yet... but we're all working on it.

Email marketing isn't dead, it's just evolving.

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Building Your Brand With Video

Hi All,

We've just finished working on our new website at and it's now live. This is a different website from the version and it's targeting bigger businesses and corporate companies. It's really just another branch in the continuing growth of the BusyVids brand. And that's what I'd like to talk to you about today... branding.

More specifically using video for branding. 

To build brand awareness you need to have lots of exposure for your business. I mean your business has just got to be everywhere. You have to become a household name or at least synonymous with your products or services and an expert in your field. You have to build trust, you need loyalty from your customers and you obviously want them to buy your products... often.

Big brand names like Coca-Cola, Nike and Google absolutely dominate their markets. Their logos are instantly recognisable and their marketing messages are welcomed. Branding is important if you want to dominate your market but it takes quite a bit of work to get to the top and even more trying staying there. However, I think of getting to the "top" as more like teetering on top of a very thin spire. Take your eye off the market and you can very easily fall off.

Big names fall hard and it only takes a little scandal or a dodgy product to turn devoted and loyal customers into arch enemies baying for blood... or justice... or compensation.

So is it really worth all the time and effort trying to build a brand? Of course it is... it's just business at the end of the day.

There are several ways in which you can build your brand and video is just one of them but in my humble opinion it's one of the most effective both in terms of cost and investment. ROI is measurable over long periods because the life expectancy of a video is hundreds of times longer than that of a text ad or a banner ad. However, the most interesting aspect of all, with video marketing, is something that no other form of marketing has the power to do...


People share videos on their smart phones and on social media every single day, irrespective of whether it's an advertisement or not. This just goes to prove that people love video. And if people love video then why are you not getting yours out there where people will share them, spreading the word... for free.

Now let's look at why people share videos...

It's because they're funny, crazy, ridiculous, furry, baby, insane, unusual, spooky, loving, caring, human, sympathetic, revealing, newsworthy, cutting edge, musical, inspiring... I could go on and on but do you see... it's really not too difficult to have a video that fits snugly into one of these, well... reasons why people share.

The video content simply has to reach out and touch people. It has to engage them, motivate them, hit the emotional button and hey presto!... it will be on its way around the Internet. Keep doing this and you will surely build your brand very quickly. For the most part, you can forget about the old ways of getting your business message out there. 

Make your business product or service seem like fun and deliver your message in a sensitive way that triggers emotional feelings and the credit cards will be out before you know it.

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