Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Let's Get Social...

Hi All,

In my last post I touched on Content Marketing, with a particular focus on your website's content. This is obviously important because you want to get prospects to visit your website and find out more about your products and services and then hopefully give you a call or send you an email asking for a quote. With respect to product selling websites you want as many people as possible to click your Buy Now buttons.

However, do not miss the point here. Although you ultimately want to make sales you also need to cosy up to your prospects and become friends. Why? Because you need to develop trust between yourself and your customers. Why? Because people are happy to buy from people they trust. Simple isn't it? Yes it is but understand how to build trust through your content and you will have customers for life.

Here is an example of how to build trust and loyalty... When someone comes to your website they may not necessarily be in buying mode. Many people will shop around, compare prices and services and support etc before they make that final buying decision. So what you have to do is ensure they buy from you and not your competition. To do this you need to offer some valuable advice, give some good information, offer a freebie, maybe a free trial. Educate and entertain your prospects and they will love you for it. And of course they are more likely to reward you by buying from you.

Clever marketers don't go directly for the sale, they offer value at no cost and they build trust and loyalty by showing they are an authority on their subject. It isn't always about prices and savings either. Many people will gladly pay a little more if they know they are buying from a genuine, trusted seller who continually provides them with all the information they need and then offers generous guarantees.

Remember... nobody wants to be sold to. At least not in an aggressive way. Get it right and you will easily sell to people who didn't even realise they wanted to buy your products or services. That's the power of Content Marketing.

Now, look beyond your website and make the most of the social platforms that are freely available to you and all your potential customers. Simply go where the people go and that includes Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and there are many more. These are social networking sites and they are there to be exploited. However, you must use the very same techniques that I have just described. Offer free advice, free information, videos, images and anything else that will engage your audience including quizzes and questionnaires, polls and likes.

Encourage your prospects to become interactive by leaving comments, good or bad it doesn't matter. Sometimes there is no such thing as bad publicity. So create your Facebook page if you haven't already and fill it with... yes... content. Always have links back to your website so they can just pop over and buy something if they want to.

Get social... get marketing... make money.

If you need any help in creating valuable content then get in touch. It's what I've been doing for years.

All for now.


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